Thorpe Park

Have a break and take in the views high up over Thorpe Park and the surrounding area...

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaLost City
TypeBig Wheel
Closed2004 (replaced by Rush)
Height 82 ft


Eclipse was a large ferris wheel that sat in the Lost City area of Thorpe Park. It arrived at the park in 2003, along with Nemesis Inferno and Quantum in a somewhat bumper year for ride additions.

The ride allowed guests to take a break and view the park from up high. However, at a time when the park was well into its transition into a thrill park, it didn’t really fit with the new target market. It never managed to attract a long queue, and guest feedback was largely negative.

Ultimately, Eclipse only lasted two seasons before being moved to sister park Chessington World of Adventures to re-open as Peeking Heights.

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