High Striker

Thorpe Park

Strike the bell to win a prize!

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaAmity
TypeDrop Tower
Opened25 March 2022
ModelJumpin' Star
High Striker

High Striker

High Striker is one of the over-sized games on the Amity Cove Boardwalk ... but on this one you can hop on board and ride the striker to the top!

The ride is a drop tower, especially designed for small children to experience the thrill of bouncing up and down. It is a Jumpin' Star model from Italian ride manufacturer Zamperla.

High Striker was advertised by Thorpe Park as a new attraction for 2022, although it was actually just moved to Amity from the Old Town area to make way for construction of Project Exodus, Thorpe's new 2024 rollercoaster. While in Old Town it was known as Lumber Jump.

Now the ride is in Amity it has been given a new theme which helps it fit into the beach-side area (although it still looks like it was done on the cheap with a simple two-dimensional backboard). It's a fun ride for children, and one of very few kiddie rides left at Thorpe.

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