Mr Monkey's Banana Ride

Thorpe Park

Hop aboard Mr Monkey's Banana Ride for a fun swinging time!

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaThe Jungle
TypePirate Ship
ManufacturerMetallbau Emmeln
Mr Monkey's Banana Ride

Mr Monkey's Banana Ride

Hidden away in the middle of The Jungle is Mr Monkey's Banana Ride, an unusual take on the usual pirate ship ride. Rather than climbing aboard a large boat, in this incarnation riders sit inside a giant swinging banana, piloted by Mr Monkey himself.

Despite being small in comparison to most swinging pirate ships, Mr Monkey's Banana Ride is still good fun. Of course, part of the appeal are the countless opportunities for innuendo when riding Mr Monkey's giant banana.

The ride arrived at Thorpe Park in 1994, in the days when the park's mascots were the Thorpe Park Rangers. A model of Mr Monkey can be seen beside the ride, still wearing his green and yellow Rangers uniform. There used to also be another model of Mr Monkey on top of the ride, although this has been removed in recent years.

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