Nemesis Inferno

Thorpe Park

Escape from the heart of an erupting tropical volcano onboard Nemesis Inferno, the inverted rollercoaster and sister ride to Nemesis at Alton Towers.

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaThe Jungle
Opened5 April 2003
ManufacturerBolliger & Mabillard
ModelInverted Coaster
Height95 ft
Length2461 ft
Max Speed48 mph
DesignerJohn Wardley
Cost£8 million
Duration1¾ minutes
On-Ride Photos
Riders take on one of Nemesis Inferno's inversions

Riders take on one of Nemesis Inferno's inversions

Nemesis Inferno is themed around a tropical volcano, with the track of the rollercoaster twisting around and through the volcano itself. It is an Inverted Coaster from B&M, meaning that riders are suspended beneath the track with legs danging. It takes its name from Nemesis, the world renowned rollercoaster at Thorpe Park's sister park, Alton Towers.

The rollercoaster was opened for the 2003 season, and was a big marker in Thorpe Park's transition from local attraction into a major theme park destination complete with world class thrill rides. This was a somewhat 'golden era' of investment at the park, with Nemesis Inferno opening just one year after Colossus, Thorpe Park's first large rollercoaster. It was built on land formerly occupied by the Mr Rabbit's Tropical Travels boat ride, which was redeveloped following a major fire in 2000 that damaged part of the boat ride and completely destroyed the Wicked Witches Haunt dark ride.

Nemesis Inferno's station is high up inside the ride's large volcano. Trains leave the station to emerge briefly into the daylight, before taking a banked turn and diving inside a smoke filled tunnel and back into the heart of the volcano. After some gentle swooping through the smoke and lighting effects, the train exits the tunnel and engages with the lift hill.

At the top of the lift, the train accelerates quickly downwards before navigating around a vertical loop. Following this comes a zero-G roll, then a pair of interlocking corkscrews. After running through a powerful helix, the train ascends back to the station level before hitting the final brake run still with considerable energy.

Thanks to its name, Nemesis Inferno inevitably draws comparisons to Nemesis, which is often listed as one of the best rollercoasters in the world. While it doesn't quite live up to that, Inferno still provides a brilliant ride experience. Even into its second decade, it is wonderfully smooth and gives thrills in all the right places. Even with its high capacity, it can often attract long queues as guests return to ride it again and again. Like a phoenix, Nemesis Inferno rose from the ashes of the great fire of Thorpe Park, and continues to burn brightly.

TPJ Rating: starstarstarstar
Thrills: starstarstarstarstar
Theming: starstarstarstar
Experience: starstarstarstar

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