Thorpe Park

Take a flight on a magic carpet ride over Lost City...

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaLost City
TypeMagic Carpet


Magic carpet rides, such as those seen in Aladdin, always seem to be gentle drifting affairs suitable for princess transportation. Quantum, Thorpe Park’s version of a magic carpet, is anything but serene.

The thrill ride places 40 riders at a time onboard a “magic carpet” platform, which rises and falls as it is lifted by four arms spinning in a large circular movement. It exerts a range of G-forces on riders, who at one moment are pressed firmly into their seat by high positive G before floating out of it the next.

Unfortunately Quantum is rather rough on its less-than royal subjects, and gives a very jerky ride. Some riders complain of motion sickness, although others love the floating airtime that it gives.

Quantum was a new addition for 2003, along with Nemesis Inferno and Eclipse, an observation wheel only lasted two seasons at Thorpe. Quantum originally opened with rolled carpet theming at the ends of the ride, but these have been removed - or maybe they fell off with the ride motion ;) - over time.

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