Thorpe Park

Towering 200 feet over Amity Cove, Stealth provides the thrills of a 1950s Speedway race as riders are launched from a standing start to 80 mph in under 2 seconds.

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaAmity
Opened15 March 2006
ModelAccelerator Coaster
Height205 ft
Length1312 ft
Max Speed80 mph
Cost£12 million
Duration30 seconds
On-Ride Photos
Stealth accelerates down the launch track

Stealth accelerates down the launch track

Stealth dominates the Thorpe Park skyline, with its 205ft tall top hat element visible from far outside the park and easily spotted driving along the M25 and M3 motorways. As an icon ride for the park, it fulfils the role spectacularly.

The ride sits in Amity Cove, and is themed around a 1950s American Speedway. Given the other major ride in Amity is Tidal Wave, quite why the residents of Amity Cove would be interested in car racing while their village is threatened by imminent aquatic destruction is questionable, but regardless the theme is nicely executed with various automobile trappings scattered around together with a singalong soundtrack of hits from the 50s.

The rollercoaster itself represents a speedway car which races around the speedway track, taking riders from a standing start in the station and accelerating along the launch track to 80mph in 1.8 seconds. Reaching top speed, the car rapidly climbs vertically up Stealth's signature top hat element. The views over the rest of the park and the surrounding area are wonderful, but the chance to appreciate them is fleeting. Very soon, riders find themselves plunging vertically downwards towards Rumba Rapids. Levelling out, the rollercoaster flies over an airtime hill which gives an incredible popping-out-of-your-seat feeling, before the car is swiftly slowed by the magnetic brakes at the end of the ride.

Stealth gives one of the best adrenaline rushes available at Thorpe Park. The ride is short, but spectacular - the feeling of acceleration, speed and height combines into an awesome experience for thrillseekers willing to climb onboard.

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