Tidal Wave

Thorpe Park

Board a boat to escape the pending tidal wave about to hit the devastated Amity Cove...

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaAmity
TypeShoot the Chutes
Opened7 April 2000
ManufacturerHopkins Rides
ModelShoot the Chute
Height 86 ft
Length 869 ft
Duration2½ minutes
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Tidal Wave

Tidal Wave

If you're eager to cool off on a hot summer day at Thorpe Park, then Tidal Wave is the ride you need - you're guaranteed to come off drenched to the skin and a lot cooler!

The water ride is themed around Amity Cove, a 1960s New England fishing village which has been devasted by a tidal wave. The local radio station, WWTP Radio, is reporting a second tidal wave is approaching and emergency boats have been laid on to evacuate the town.

Riders board one of these rescue boats in the town's Cannery, which appears to be sinking into the flood waters. From the station, the boat climbs a 86ft lift hill before circling around and descending the drop into the slash pool below. The boat throws a giant wall of water into the air in front ... but with the boat still moving forwards, by the time the water falls back to earth the boat and its riders are directly underneath, meaning a soaking for the occupants.

Tidal Wave has one trick, but it pulls it off well. The ride is visually exciting, and the giant wave can be easily seen across the Amity Cove area. Signs outside the ride entrance let guests know they will get wet, which proves something of an understatement. Absolute soaking down to your pants is more like it!

A boat full of soaked riders floats back to the station

A boat full of soaked riders floats back to the station

Guests unwilling to wait to get wet (in the summer months the queue often reaches well over an hour) can head for an observation bridge built over the ride's water channel. This is directly in the path of the boat's wave, which regularly crashes over the bridge and to the pathway beyond. With Tidal Wave, nobody stays dry!

The ride's themeing is very impressive, immersing guests into the 1960s devastated town. WWTP radio helps create the vibe playing pop music from the era, and there are some nice touches among the queue line with partially ruined buildings including a house with a boat in the roof and a permantently overflowing toilet to look at. Originally there was a giant gas tank which would explode with a huge flame effect, but sadly the gas tanks for this had to be removed to make way for Stealth and were never replaced.

Tidal Wave was Tussauds' first major ride opening after they took over Thorpe Park, and when it opened in 2000 was the tallest water ride in Europe. Initially, the ride concept was going to revolve around a pirate theme. However, the imaginative theme Thorpe ended up with seems much better, and a real icon for the park. On a warm day, Tidal Wave is a great fun packed ride!

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