Timber Tug Boat

Thorpe Park

Sail the seas aboard the Timber Tug Boat

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaOld Town
TypeRockin' Tug
Opened27 April 2017
ModelRockin' Tug
Timber Tug Boat

Timber Tug Boat

Timber Tug Boat was a children's Zamperla Rockin' Tug ride, which opened at Thorpe Park in 2017.

Riders sat onboard the tug boat, which slid up and down the ride's half-pipe-like ramp as the boat gently turned, providing the feeling of being at sea.

Timber Tug Boat was originally at Weymouth Sealife Centre, and was moved to Thorpe in December 2016. It was supposed to open in time for Easter 2017, but didn't end up opening until late April.

Together with Lumber Jump which also came from Weymouth, it felt like a cheap addition to the park to fill out the ageing former Canada Creek area and add some unimaginative kiddie rides. No effort was made to theme the ride to fit in to "Old Town", and it was just plonked down outside the old railway station. It looked ridiculous ... what on earth were they thinking?!

Timber Tug Boat closed at Thorpe Park at the end of the 2021 season to make way for the park's new rollercoaster Project Exodus. It was moved down the road to sister park Chessington World of Adventures where it re-opened in 2022 as Trawler Trouble.

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