Thorpe Park

Swing and spin up to 65 feet in the air above Lost City...

Theme ParkThorpe Park
Park AreaLost City
TypeGyro Swing
Opened25 May 2001
Height 65 ft


Vortex is a swinging pendulum ride from Dutch ride manufacturer KMG. It is a great example of the company's Afterburner model, swinging riders up to 20 metres above the ground.

Guests sit on seats arranged facing inwards in a large circle attached to Vortex's central arm. The circle spins as the arm swings, at its peak reaching an angle of 120°. Facing inwards creates a very communal ride experience, even better if you are in a large group who know each other.

If you're lucky enough to find yourself sat in the right seat, you'll find yourself at the top of every swing when the ride reaches maximum height, giving a beautiful weighless feeling before you dive head-first toward the ground. A top swing is never guaranteed, but is a prized experience if you get it.

Vortex opened in 2001 as one of the rides brought in after the big fire at the park the previous year. It didn't begin operating until seven weeks into the 2001 season, which caused Thorpe to feature on BBC's Watchdog as visitors complained that it was unavailable for their visit. However, once opened, the ride became a guest favourite and remains today one of the best of the Lost City flat rides.

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Vortex POV

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