Mr Wicksteed's Cars

Wicksteed Park

Drive a vintage 1920s car around the English countryside

Theme ParkWicksteed Park
Park AreaThe Lakeside
TypeAntique Cars
Mr Wicksteed's Cars

Mr Wicksteed's Cars

Mr Wicksteed's Cars is a vintage car ride in The Lakeside section of the park, and allows children to "drive" their own vintage car around an old fashioned English countryside setting.

While this version of the ride was installed in the early 2000s, it's origins go back much further. The Mini Cars ride opened on the same site in 1955, and was one of very few motorised rides at Wicksteed. The fibreglass cars seated two children side-by-side and were modelled on typical 1930s motor cars.

One of the old Mini Cars designs

One of the old Mini Cars designs

A second variation opened in 1975, and a couple of those car designs can still be seen surrounding the current ride today.

Wicksteed is steeped in history and tradition so when the Mini Cars ride needed to be replaced in 2004, the new Mr Wicksteed's Cars ride was developed to hark back to the original attraction. The current cars are similar to the Humber motorcar which park founder Charles Wicksteed would have driven around the park in the 1920s.

Mr Wicksteed's Cars has a height restriction of 1.1 metres with children below that needing to be accompanied in their car by an adult.


Mr Wicksteed's Veteran Cars video

Mr Wicksteed's Veteran Cars

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