HooDoo VooDoo

Xtreme Scream Park

Blindfolded and scared, you must enter the heart of the voodoo ritual to be cleansed and purified...

Theme ParkXtreme Scream Park
TypeScare Maze
Visitors don their hoods before entering Hoodoo Voodoo

Visitors don their hoods before entering Hoodoo Voodoo

Xtreme Scream's HooDoo VooDoo throws visitors firmly into the world of voodooists for an assault on the senses as they attend the hoodoo ritual.

The maze begins with visitors being asked to place cloth bags over their heads, depriving them of their sight. They rely on guiding themselves around the first half of the maze by following along a rope in their left hand and holding on to the shoulder of the person in front of them ... if they can keep up with them at least!

With no way of seeing what lies within, visitors must trust their other senses: something which is exploited mercilessly. The rope constantly changes direction, the floor suddenly becomes soft and foamy, and all the while maze-goers are further disoriented by strange noises and touches from the voodooists.

While this may sound terrifying, it actually gets pretty repetitious and boring after a while, and the rope seems almost neverending. The course could have probably been half the length and just, if not more, as satisfying. It comes as a relief, then, when the bags are removed half way through the maze and visitors are directed into the second half.

This features some smoke-filled funhouse style rooms, with voodoo characters jumping out of the fog at unexpected times. Proceeding further, the finale comes with visitors encountering the heart of the voodoo community as they enter jungle type buildings and find more characters to interact with.

Unless they are strongly story-driven like Alton Towers' spectacular Haunting of Molly Crowe, hooded scare mazes can come across as confusing rather than scary and could be seen as a lazy attempt to create a maze without needing to spend money on theming or costumes. Luckily, although the hooded section of HooDoo VooDoo is way too long, its made up for by the mazes' second half even if it is by no means the strongest of Xtreme Scream's offerings.

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