Stilton Hall Hotel and Hell Spa

Xtreme Scream Park

Will you enjoy your stay as a guest at the Stilton Hall Hotel and Hell Spa? Probably not...

Theme ParkXtreme Scream Park
TypeScare Maze
Hotel entrance

Hotel entrance

Stilton Hall Hotel and Hell Spa was one of Xtreme Scream's most well-rounded and impressive scare mazes.

The entire maze took place indoors, with visitors welcomed into the hotel and spa complex with a visit to the steam room. From there, they were left to explore for themselves.

The route through the maze meandered through and extensive range of fifty rooms and corridors spread over two floors. As well as encountering some weird and wonderful guests in their bedrooms, there were also treatment rooms and various storage areas for the new "guests" to work their way through. A disorienting labyrinth of mattresses was a particular highlight, along with the drag act in her boudoir.

While fifty rooms sounds a lot, the variety of differently themed parts of the maze kept up the interest. The maze was far from the scariest on offer at Xtreme Scream, but it played well and it was always worth a group taking their time walking through as there was a lot of detail to appreciate, and some of the actors would interact really well if they got an engaged audience.

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