The Pie Factory

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Enter the Pie Factory to discover first hand exactly what goes into one of Melton Mowbray's famous pies...

Theme ParkXtreme Scream Park
TypeScare Maze
The Pie Factory's famous sign

The Pie Factory's famous sign

Xtreme Scream is just outside Melton Mowbray, a town famous for producing pork pies, which provides the theme for one of the park's best and oldest mazes, The Pie Factory.

The maze begins as a chance to find out more about the famous pies and how they are made, but quickly descends into terror as visitors realise it isn't pig meat that is going into the pies and the butchers aren't exactly human either.

The Pie Factory is a lengthy maze, with long outdoor sections between well themed buildings featuring the factory, processing plant and abattoir together with some of the pigs' living quarters. The outdoor sections don't have an abundance of scares, although in recent years the park have been adding some well placed animatronics to fill the gaps, and there's also real live pig pens on view.

However, once visitors are into the heart of the maze it quickly ramps up. The half-human half-pig butchers are up and in the face of everyone and there are jump scares aplenty with everything possible being done to put visitors on edge. The actors are brilliant at turning up the creepiness and there are some wonderful improvised personalised interactions, although more towards the fun humourous end of the spectrum as opposed to all-out terror.

While The Pie Factory is one of Xtreme Scream's original mazes, it doesn't show its age and still ranks high amongst the parks scare attractions. The hillbilly feel, rundown farm buildings, blood splattered walls and grotesque pig-like creatures out of control and squealing throughout portray the overall storyline spectacularly well and create a brilliant maze full of fun, humour and scares.

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