The Village

Xtreme Scream Park

The Village has been overrun by mutant scarecrows, and they want you to take a central role in their Harvest celebrations...

Theme ParkXtreme Scream Park
TypeScare Maze
The Village's church building

The Village's church building

The Village is Xtreme Scream's longest and probably most impressive scare maze.

The maze takes visitors on a self-guided tour around a hillbilly village, which it soon turns out has been overrun by genetically modified scarecrows that are determined to turn passers-by into offerings at their harvest festival celebration. The theme is perfect for October nights, full of spookyiness and scares that fill the autumnal night air.

It is a vast maze and it can take over twenty minutes to fully explore the entire village. There are numerous highly detailed but varied environments scattered between five buildings, including dwellings, a school and a church. If it weren't for the pure fear of edging around every corner petrified of coming face-to-face with yet another mutant scarecrow, it would be easy to become engrossed in the exceptional quality of the theming.

If The Village has one flaw, it is the batching issues that such a long and winding route can cause. Unfortunately the staff at the beginning of the maze often do not leave sufficient gaps between groups, meaning it is fairly easy for them to catch up with each other and end up going round in huge crowds. This can ruin some of the scares which are best experienced with a few friends rather than a mass of strangers.

Batching issues aside though, The Village's biggest triumph is its grand finale set inside the church. With a pathway winding between the pews, disorienting strobe lighting which ocassionally plunges the entire church into darkness, and a mix of mannequins and live actors leaving visitors confused about what is real and what is not, it is a climax that will set even the most hardened scare maze enthusiast on edge and leave less brave maze-goers cowering with fright.

The Village deservedly won ScareCON's Best Halloween Attraction award in its opening year. The maze's scale and detailed theming are extremely impressive, and it is one of the must-do scare attractions available anywhere in the UK.

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