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Aerial circus acts in the big top

Aerial circus acts in the big top

In an attempt to fill the gap left by the retirement of the Curtain Chaos clown themed scare maze the previous year, Xtreme Scream experimented with adding a live big top circus show for their 2019 event.

The show was housed inside a 100ft big top circus tent and featured acts from the Chipperfield Circus.

It was billed as a bespoke musical rock horror show, but in reality it was the traditional family oriented show with a lightweight "Halloween" overlay. Sadly, the show wasn't a great fit for the scare event and it didn't really work for the adult audience expecting an evening of pure fear.

Circus acts included fire eaters, a chainsaw wielding clown, an acrobatic curtain dancer and a giant spinning double wheel of death. While the acrobats were impressive, most went on too long and there were extremely lengthy gaps between each padded with boring material desperately trying to fill the time while the next act was set up.

It is never a good sign when large groups in the audience walk out part way through, but many in the crowd were probably expecting something more like Circus of Horrors. Overall it felt like a rather lacklustre addition and, even if there had not been the restrictions on shows in front of large audiences introduced as a result of Coronavirus in 2020, it would have been unsurprising that The Rocky Circus Big Top show did not make a return to Xtreme Scream following its debut year.

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