Twister Coaster

Aktur Park

Go for a spin high above the other visitors to Aktur Park

Theme ParkAktur Park
ModelTwister Coaster 420 STD
Height39 ft
Length1378 ft
Max Speed29 mph
Duration2 minutes
Twister Coaster station

Twister Coaster station

Twister Coaster is a spinning wild mouse style rollercoaster from Italian manufacturer Zamperla. It sits along the front boundary of Aktur Park beside the big wheel, which means it can be easily seen from the roadside.

The ride is the standard larger version of Zamperla’s Twister Coaster model, with yellow track. Strangely, the ride cars lack any kind of decoration aside from their bright pink paintwork and blue seats.

It isn’t the spinniest of spinning wild mouse coasters, and when the spin is unlocked half way through the ride it still takes a while to get going. However, as you’ll see from the PoV video below, we managed a very dizzying finale when I rode it!

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Aktur Park Twister Coaster POV video

Twister Coaster POV

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