Ankara Luna Park

A classic SDC Galaxi coaster in central Ankara

Theme ParkAnkara Luna Park
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers


SDC Galaxi coasters are becoming increasingly rare, so it is nice to see Ankara Luna Park’s in such good shape and still providing fantastic rides.

The rollercoaster seats four people to a car, two in the front and two in the back. These leave the station, turning right to climb the chain lift hill. From the top, the track turns right just over 180 degrees, ready for the cars to take on the first drop. They turn just over 180 degrees again, then zoom down the second large drop, which even dives under the bottom of the first drop.

From here, there is a righthand downward helix, which causes the cars to pick up speed as they circle round before the track eventually straightens out to take riders straight over the top of the station roof. There’s a long second righthand helix, before the train manoeuvres its way back to the station and into the final brakes.

Galaxi is anything but a gentle ride. There don’t appear to be any mid-course brakes, which means the cars just seem to pick up more and more speed from the moment they leave the top of the lift hill. This gives riders a rough-and-tumble out-of-control ride, but it is far from unpleasant. Superb fun!

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