Twister Coaster

Bostanci Lunapark

Spinning wild mouse rollercoaster inside Bostanci’s city amusement park

Theme ParkBostanci Lunapark
ModelTwister Coaster 420 STD
Height43 ft
Length1378 ft
Max Speed29 mph
Duration1½ minutes
Speeding over one of the bunny hops

Speeding over one of the bunny hops

Twister Coaster is a standard spinning wild mouse rollercoaster, which are popular at small amusement parks throughout Turkey and indeed around the world.

Bostanci Lunapark’s model is manufactured by Zamperla and sits at the south western end of the park. The track runs close to neighbouring tower blocks, which must really please the neighbours!

As spinning coasters go, this version provides above average spinning and is pretty smooth overall.

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Bostanci Lunapark Twister Coaster POV video

Twister Coaster POV

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