Dağ Kizaği

Göksu Park

Speed down the hillside on an alpine sledge, where you are in charge of the brakes!

Theme ParkGöksu Park
TypeAlpine Coaster
Length 1837 ft
Riding down the hillside

Riding down the hillside

Alpine coasters can be found in hilly mountainside locations around the world. Fewer can be found in the centre of a capital city, but that is exactly where Dağ Kizaği (“Mountain Goat” in Turkish) is situated.

The ride is an alpine coaster manufactured by Wiegand, and sits near the lakeside in Göksu Park in Ankara, the Turkish capital. Lacking a mountain, the ride instead winds its way down a gently sloping hillside.

Once they reach the top of the cable lift hill, sledges navigate their way down the steel track. After a right hand turn off the lift is an anti-clockwise helix, followed soon after by another in a clockwise direction. From there, the track sweeps gently back and forth down the hillside before reaching the final brakes.

It may not be among the tallest or longest, or indeed fastest, alpine coasters in the world, but Dağ Kizaği still provides a thrilling experience. And of course it’s a lot warmer and easier to get to than following a winding road up to the top of a snowy peak.

With riders in charge of the brakes, there’s something exciting and rather nerve-wracking about being the one responsible for making your way down the hillside safely.

My advice: push the lever forward as far as it can go and feel the wind in your hair as you race to the finish line, but be prepared to pull up hard before you crash into the final brakes. (You didn’t hear that from me though … some of our party may have got an angry telling-off from a rather exasperated ride op for going too fast, as the smell of hot rubber filled the air!)

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