Spin upside down high over Isfanbul on this giant top scan

Theme Parkİsfanbul
Park AreaMacera Dünyasi
TypeTop Scan
ModelStar Shape
Height 97 ft
Capacity 30 guests per ride
ExtrasFast Pass
360 spinning high in the air

360 spinning high in the air

Top Scan rides can be found at travelling fairs all over the world, and seem to be especially popular in Europe. A few have cropped up at parks over the years too, with installations such as Samurai at Thorpe Park. Not so many though are super-sized like Isfanbul’s 360.

360 is a Zierer Star Shape and reaches over 28 metres into the air over the park. Riders are seated on one of six 4 metre long arms, each of which seats five people. These are swung around on 360’s main arm, with riders being turned upside down as it goes.

The ride is intense, but the extra length of the main arm seems to allow for more “floaty” airtime as well as the massive positive Gs found on standard top scans.

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