Angry Birds Çilgin Yolculuk


Join the Angry Birds on an adventure chasing after King Pig and their stolen eggs

Theme Parkİsfanbul
Park AreaOyun Dünyasi
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
WriterRobert Henny
DirectorHoward E Baker
Production CompanyRovio
Pure Imagination Studios
SimEx-Iwerks Entertainment
ExtrasFast Pass
The simulator ride vehicle

The simulator ride vehicle

Angry Birds Çilgin Yolculuk (Angry Birds: Crazy Journey) is a 4D simulator adventure ride featuring characters from the Angry Birds franchise. The story features King Pig stealing eggs from the Angry Birds nest, which leads to a chase through various obstacles to recover them.

The attraction uses the same film created originally for Angry Birds 4D Experience in Angry Birds Land at Thorpe Park in the UK. However, rather than showing it in a large 4D cinema, at Isfanbul twenty five riders at a time board a simulator vehicle to watch the film.

The ride vehicle is moved forwards towards the screen at the start of the movie, and back out to the loading area at the end. Riders are handed 3D glasses and these, together with the moving simulator, provide the special effects. One of the most used is the “catapult”, which rocks riders backwards and forwards whenever one of the Angry Birds is catapulted towards a Pig.

Angry Birds has a simple story which is easy to follow, but the simulator movements are quite basic. As a ride it’s not awful, but compared to other attractions on offer at Isfanbul it is quite low of the list of things you absolutely have to do.

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