Fatih’in Rüyasi


Experience the Conquest of Istanbul in 1453 firsthand

Theme Parkİsfanbul
Park AreaEfsaneler Dünyasi
TypeDark Boat Ride
ModelTow Boat Ride
Duration7 minutes
Onboard the boat

Onboard the boat

Fatih’in Rüyasi (Fatih’s Dream) is Isfanbul’s huge and very impressive dark boat ride, which takes visitors on a journey back to the Conquest of Istanbul in 1453.

After boarding the 16 seater boats in the large station complete with hanging chandeliers overhead, the ride passes alongside well themed scenes and animatronics which attempt to bring history to life.

The Conquest of Istanbul, also known as the Fall of Constantinople, occurred on 29 May 1453 when Constantinople – then capital of the Byzantine Empire – was captured by the Ottoman army, ending a siege which had lasted 53 days. It was a watershed moment, marking the end of the 1500 year old Roman Empire.

The ride system was built by Intamin and features free floating boats pulled along the water channel by an underwater tow cable.

Fatih’in Rüyasi’s scenes and lifelike animatronics do a good job of putting riders into the heart of the action. This is a high budget dark ride, full of detailed theming and nicely executed special effects. Although the soundtrack is in Turkish and it is not always clear what exactly is going on, it is visually exceptional.

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