Minik Kaşifler


Take a colourful journey down river floating past the children of the world

Theme Parkİsfanbul
Park AreaOyun Dünyasi
TypeIndoor Boat Ride
Length 525 ft
Duration3½ minutes
ExtrasFast Pass
Singing dolls

Singing dolls

It is hard to deny that Minik Kaşifler (Mini Explorers) has taken more than a little inspiration from Disneyland’s It’s a Small World, with its theme celebrating cultures from around the world.

The boat ride takes visitors past colourful scenes depicting different countries with animatronic children singing and dancing to the ride’s soundtrack along the way. OK, so yes, it’s basically a rip-off of It’s a Small World, but it is at least nicely done … and not so long as the original!

Isfanbul describes the ride as educational, teaching children about world culture while having fun. While I’m not entirely sure how much they would actually learn aside from the obvious stereotypes, they’ll definitely have fun in the colourful musical attraction!

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Minik Kaşifler POV video

Minik Kaşifler POV

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