Isfanbul’s signature rollercoaster, perched on a hillside overlooking Istanbul…

Theme Parkİsfanbul
Park AreaMacera Dünyasi
Opened1 April 2014
ModelBlitz Coaster
Height164 ft
Max Speed68 mph
Duration40 seconds
ExtrasFast Pass


Nefeskesen is Turkish for breathtaking, which is a good description of the rollercoaster’s placement on the side of Isfanbul’s hilltop location overlooking Istanbul.

The ride itself is a custom Intamin Blitz Coaster, with an LSM launch that projects riders up and over a signature top hat element that sits on the very edge of the hillside. There’s a nice mix of elements including a great floaty Immelmann, and the train feels full of energy and speed throughout.

If there’s a criticism, it is that the ride feels rather short at around forty seconds long. Luckily though, it’s a spectacular forty seconds and it’s very re-ridable.

Nefeskesen is one of two Intamin Blitz Coasters operating in Turkey, the other being Red Fire at ViaSea. It’s hard to choose which is best, but Nefeskesen probably steals it with its slightly more refined layout and spectacular scenic location. Undeniably though, it’s one of the best rollercoasters in Turkey.

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