A chance to get soaking wet as you sail into Viking lands

Theme Parkİsfanbul
Park AreaMacera Dünyasi
TypeShoot the Chutes
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Height 49 ft
Length 1575 ft
ExtrasFast Pass


Viking is Isfanbul’s largest water ride, and can provide welcome refreshment from the hot Turkish sunshine.

Unsurprisingly given the name the ride has a Viking theme, most obviously seen from the giant Viking statue that towers over the ride and the full sized Viking longboat which sits in the lake.

The ride is an Intamin Spillwater, and features 20 seater boats. The course is fairly simple, taking the boats up a conveyor, turning around and dropping down into the pool below, before circling around through a tunnel ready to repeat a similar circuit for the slightly higher second drop.

Riders can escape with only a light sprinkling of water from both drops, although there is the chance of an absolute drenching at other times. It must depend on the weight of people in the boat, but seems quite random. Just be prepared to get soaked!

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