Hyper Coaster

Land of Legends

Towering over Land of Legends, Hyper Coaster is Turkey's tallest rollercoaster...

Theme ParkLand of Legends
ManufacturerMack Rides
Height200 ft
Length4177 ft
Max Speed72 mph
Duration2 minutes
Vertical loop

Vertical loop

The tallest rollercoaster at Land of Legends, and indeed in the whole of Turkey, is Hyper Coaster which stands 200ft tall at the edge of the theme park and waterpark area.

While the name may not be the most imaginative, it is at least an accurate description of the Hypercoaster model from Mack Rides. It is a clone of Flash at the currently shuttered (as of April 2019) Lewa Adventure in China, and Mack's third foray into the 200ft+ coaster territory.

Mack have made few if any missteps with Hyper Coaster - it's an almost flawless hyper coaster experience. From the layout, through the silky smooth yet forceful elements, to Mack's insanely comfortable seats and restraints, there's nothing to complain about.

The ride leaves the station and straight up the huge lift hill, dropping down the first drop which twists through a 180° left turn and into the massive vertical loop. Three giant airtime hills take the train out to the coaster's most distant point, before it turns around for the return trip. There's a floaty zero-G roll, two further airtime hills then a ground hugging helix before the final brake run. Everything is perfectly paced, each element proceeding one after the other with elegant timing.

If there's a single downside to the coaster it is only in the park's operation which, with strict row-by-row seating and often waiting until trains are full, causes extremely slow loading times.

Coaster-wise, Hyper Coaster is an astounding success. Even though Land of Legends has an extensive waterpark to explore full of awesome waterslides and other attractions, it would be easy to spend the day just re-riding the incredible Hyper Coaster.

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