Typhoon Coaster

Land of Legends

A water coaster at the heart of Land of Legends' water park...

Theme ParkLand of Legends
ModelWater Coaster
Height141 ft
Length1722 ft
Max Speed53 mph
Duration2½ minutes


Typhoon Coaster is a large water coaster which sits in the middle of the water park section of Land of Legends.

Water coasters are a cross between rollercoasters and giant flume rides, and have been popularised in recent years through innovations by manufacturers such as Intamin, who built Typhoon Coaster.

Intamin's water coasters feature dramatic vertical elevator lifts which swiftly raise the boats to the highest point of the track ready for the downward descent. This is the first major part of both the first installation, Divertical at Mirabilandia, and Speed at Energylandia. However, Land of Legends' model features a dark ride section as a pre-cursor to the lift, and this features various impressive projection effects that the boats float past before engaging on the lift ready for the ascent.

After reaching the top, the layout is similar to Intamin's other water coasters: The boats first drop down through a water pool, before entering a turn-around, then a helix before the main drop and subsequent soaking splash.

The splash down is drenching, although perhaps more forgivable at Land of Legends since the coaster sits in the water park and thus most guests are likely to be wearing swimming attire.

The ride itself is a little jolty as it navigates the coaster track section, but reasonably pleasant and the soaking is more than welcome in the heat of the Turkish sunshine. Typhoon Coaster is definitely one of the highlights of the rides on offer at Land of Legends.

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