Cheetah Hunt


Race the cheetah on Mazakaland's largest rollercoaster...

Theme ParkMazakaland
Opened15 June 2013
ModelGravity Coaster
Height76 ft
Length1969 ft
Cheetah Hunt

Cheetah Hunt

Cheetah Hunt is Italian manufacturer EOS Rides' attempt to show that they can build large scale rollercoasters, and they've had a degree of success.

The rollercoaster is fairly smooth and features some good sweeping turns and hills.

It never gets particularly intense or fast despite the 75ft height - the first drop peters out into a 180° turn after around two thirds of what it could have used. However, there's a good length of track packed into the small footprint.

The train is nicely painted with cheetah spots along the length, and a slightly squashed cheetah face at the front.

Although not much more than "ordinary", Cheetah Hunt is definitely worth a ride if you ever find yourself at Mazakaland and is by far the better choice compared with the park's other rollercoaster, the awfully painful Spin Coaster!

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