Spin Coaster


Uncomfortable head-banging children's twisting rollercoaster with spinning cars...

Theme ParkMazakaland
Opened15 June 2013
ModelSuper Twister
Spin Coaster

Spin Coaster

The smaller of Mazakaland's two rollercoasters is Spin Coaster, a bright green rollercoaster that sits next to the park's large entertainment and shopping building.

Spin Coaster is primarily aimed at children, and in fact on our visit it took the interjection of the park's manager before the staff would let us take a ride. In hindsight, the rollercoaster is better left to the children, although that itself might be classed as abuse.

For some reason, EOS has determined that over the head restraints are necessary on what might otherwise be a pleasant spinning family ride. While the initial high level wild mouse style section is tame enough, as the train comes crashing down the main drop riders will find themselves smacked in the face by the aforementioned restraints. Following this, there are several more badly calculated track twists to bring the train back to the station, and these act as the second round of the beating. But that's just the start ... the train is sent around twice!

OK, so Spin Coaster isn't the worst in the world of headbanger rollercoasters, but it's pretty terrible for a family ride. It's a particular shame, as much of the problem could be solved by replacing the overzealous overhead restraints with a lapbar.

As it is, Spin Coaster is best avoided - head to the park's other rollercoaster Cheetah Hunt for a more comfortable experience!

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