Spinning Coaster

Park Lunasan

A gentle kiddie spinning rollercoaster … until a bunch of adults go for a ride!

Theme ParkPark Lunasan
ManufacturerSBF Visa Group
ModelCompact Spinning Coaster 2 Loop (MX608)
Height14 ft
Length190 ft
Spinning Coaster

Spinning Coaster

Park Lunasan’s Spinning Coaster is a Compact Spinning Coaster from SBF Visa. Sitting in a corner of the park, it is nicely painted with bright green track and purple supports.

It’s a fairly standard spinning coaster, with the amount of spin dictated by the weight of the passengers in the cars which make their way around the simple figure of eight circuit.

Children get a mild spinning ride, whereas a train load of heavy adults get a much more intense experience … watch my video below for the full effect!


Park Lunasan Spinning Coaster POV video

Spinning Coaster POV

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