Elma Kurdu

Sincan Luna Park

Wacky worm kiddie coaster that takes young riders on a journey through a giant apple

Theme ParkSincan Luna Park
TypeKiddie Coaster
Elma Kurdu

Elma Kurdu

Sincan Luna Park’s big apple coaster in common with many such rides in Turkey is named Elma Kurdu, Turkish for Apple Worm. Unfortunately this version seems to be somewhat of a bad apple, and is showing its age.

The train feels a little slower than some other wacky worms. Operators don’t seem keen to overload it either, restricting it to half full trains with riders encouraged to sit towards the front.

One of the supports inside the apple has buckled, which leaves it perilously close to riders’ heads. Although probably not structurally dangerous, I highly doubt it would pass a thorough safety inspection in its current state!

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Elma Kurdu at Sincan Luna Park video

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