Via/Crazy Park

A tiny powered kiddie Dragon coaster

Theme ParkVia/Crazy Park
TypeKiddie Coaster
AudienceYoung Children
ManufacturerDAL Amusement Rides


The ride, manufactured by DAL Amusement Rides, has been at the park since around 2009. It was originally sited on a brick pavement next to the Viaport shopping outlet car park, but appears to have been relocated in around 2012 to a more central location in the park.

It now sits on an attractive patch of grass, with a beautifully themed station building which has been made to look like a fairytale cottage.

Of course, for adults the ride is nothing particularly special – it is just a slightly undulating oval track. However, that did not stop two coach loads of coaster enthusiasts from riding it during the European Coaster Club’s Turkey Tour in 2018 (we’d been expecting to find a second rollercoaster at the park too, which had unfortunately been removed). While the ride may have been ordinary, the sight of a line of adults, patiently waiting to be loaded three at a time for a single circuit around the coaster was hilarious!

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