Red Fire


Powerful launch coaster with views over Viaport Marina from the top hat element

Theme ParkViaSea
Opened8 July 2015
ModelBlitz Coaster
Height180 ft
Length3215 ft
Max Speed68 mph
Cresting the Top Hat

Cresting the Top Hat

Red Fire is an Intamin Blitz Coaster, one of two operating in Turkey. The other is Nefeskesen at nearby Isfanbul.

The ride has a Formula 1 racing theme, and is striking with its bright red track which really stands out against the typically blue Turkish skies.

It uses an LSM launch to accelerate the train up and over a 180ft tall top hat element. The train then proceeds along the rest of the track and through a couple of corkscrew elements. It’s a nice ride, although it doesn’t quite compete with Nefeskesen.

In common with some of the other Intamin Blitz Coasters, I found the restraints rather uncomfortable – following the launch, they pressed down heavily on my thighs. Apart from the restraints though, the ride itself was pretty smooth save for the usual Intamin vibrations.

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