Figure of eight layout spinning coaster

Theme ParkViaSea
Opened8 July 2015
ManufacturerSBF Visa Group
ModelCompact Spinning Coaster 2 Loop (MX608)
Height14 ft
Length190 ft
Spinning Coaster

Spinning Coaster

Sekiz is a Compact Spinning Coaster from SBF Visa Group, and follows a simple figure of eight track design.

ViaSea’s version has blue track with a blue train which features four spinning cars seating four riders each.

Although small and looking like a simple kiddie ride, as with similar spinning coasters, it is surprising just how violently the cars can spin if they are unevenly loaded with a heavy adult amongst the party!

It would be easy to walk past Sekiz dismissing it as just for children, but that would be missing out on a lot of fun.

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