Rocket Cycles

Adventureland Sharjah

Race around the roof of the Sharjah Centre on a speeding motorbike...

Theme ParkAdventureland Sharjah
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
ModelGravity Moto Coaster
Height45 ft
Length994 ft
Max Speed29 mph
Rocket Cycles

Rocket Cycles

Taking a different approach from the wacky worm or kiddie coaster you usually find at Family Entertainment Centres, Adventureland Sharjah has opted for Rocket Cycles, a Zamperla Motocoaster, as their biggest rollercoaster.

Rocket Cycles gives riders the feeling of motorbike racing, with each seat of its train an individual bike.

The ride only just fits within Adventureland, with the lift hill almost scraping the roof of the Sharjah Centre mall. It's fast-paced and lots of fun, with the track featuring drops and helices that ensure the train of motorbikes accelerate fast and speed at up to 29mph around the circuit.

Zamperla's motorbike trains are more comfortable than Vekoma's version, with riders being able to sit slightly more upright and a less restrictive back restraint.

While it isn't as intense as a Vekoma Motorbike Coaster, Rocket Cycles still provides plenty of thrills and seems a perfect fit for Adventureland Sharjah.

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