Bollywood Parks Dubai

Dubai Parks and Resorts, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Celebrating the world of Indian movies and the Mumbai film industry, Bollywood Parks Dubai features a mix of cinematic virtual reality rides and spectacular live entertainment.

Opened17 November 2016
SeasonYear round
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Rajmahal Theatre

The park's beautiful Rajmahal centrepiece

Bollywood Parks Dubai is one of the three theme parks that opened at Dubai Parks and Resorts at the end of 2016, and is the world's first theme park created to celebrate Bollywood movies. Western visitors may be tempted to dismiss the park as they will be largely unfamiliar with Indian films and the characters portrayed, but that would be a huge mistake - Bollywood Parks Dubai is superb.

The park's centerpiece is the Rajmahal, a Taj Mahal like building which towers over much of the park and hosts the park's nightly premium show. Rajmahal is a good example of the two stand-out features of Bollywood Parks Dubai: theming and show. The park is beautiful, and the attention paid to the detailed theming is up to Disney standards and second-to-none in the UAE. Scattered throughout the park are outdoor stages and other venues where various shows capturing the energy of Bollywood movies are performed regularly throughout the day.

Together with the nightly separately ticketed show in the Rajmahal, the park's other headline show is Dabangg - Stunt Show Spectacular. This takes place in a large warehouse towards the back of the park, and features a variety of stunts together with Bollywood music and dancing. The storyline is typically cheesy - a girl is captured by a gang of gun-swinging bad guys and a police officer must risk his life to fight them off and rescue the damsel in distress. The show doesn't take itself too seriously, and is mainly an excuse for loud music, explosions, fight scenes and a lot of dancing.

Crossroads Stage

Dancers perform a show on the park's Crossroads Stage

While shows take top billing, Bollywood Parks Dubai also has a number of other attractions. The park doesn't feature any rollercoasters or thrill rides, but instead presents more experience-type rides using bleeding edge 3D and virtual reality technologies.

The best among them is Krrish - Hero's Flight. This follows Krrish, a Bollywood science fiction superhero, as he takes guests on a flight around India by way of an immersive flying theatre. Of course, the trip doesn't go smoothly and peaceful soaring over grasslands is soon interrupted by an alien invasion ... naturally. In common with a lot of rides at the park, the storyline is a bit mad but visitors willing to embrace it and be carried along are rewarded with an engrossing, hypnotic, sparkling experience.

Another example of the craziness of Bollywood Parks Dubai is Lagaan - Thrill of Victory. The ride could be described as a virtual reality cricket simulator, but that only tells half the story. The crazy ride gives guests the experience of an adventure in a fantasy world, all from the point of view of a cricket ball as it is flies through the air, is struck by various obstacles and ends up rolling down a virtual rollercoaster track. Brilliant fun, and another of the park's highlights.

Bollywood Parks Dubai is a rarity - it's a park full of life and colour, wonderfully capturing the spirit of India and Bollywood film - all without a major thrill ride or rollercoaster. Of the three parks currently open at Dubai Parks and Resorts, it is the most well-rounded, well themed and has the best all-round feel-good atmosphere. Well worth a few hours exploration.


Lagaan: Thrill of Victory

Lagaan: Thrill of Victory

Take part in the craziest game of cricket ever seen ... from the point of view of the cricket ball!

Sholay: The Hunt for Gabbar Singh

Sholay: The Hunt for Gabbar Singh

Interactive dark ride, where riders must shoot a whole host of villains led by the evil Gabbar Singh

Shows and Entertainment

Dabangg: Stunt Spectacular Show

Dabangg: Stunt Spectacular Show

One of the park's headline shows, Dabangg features stunts, dancing, and very loud music all housed inside a giant warehouse


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