Krrish: Hero's Flight

Bollywood Parks Dubai

Fly into the centre of the action as part of the ultimate Bollywood science fiction superhero movie...

Theme ParkBollywood Parks Dubai
Park AreaBollywood Film Studios
TypeFlying Theatre
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened17 November 2016
ManufacturerDynamic Attractions
ModelFlying Theatre
The Krrish: Hero's Flight theatre is housed inside the Hall of Heroes

The Krrish: Hero's Flight theatre is housed inside the Hall of Heroes

While most Flying Theatres focus on showcasing beautiful landscapes, Krrish: Hero's Flight throws its audience into the middle of an action packed adventure.

Krrish is a famous Bollywood superhero character and has been brought to life at Bollywood Parks Dubai in spectacular fashion. Utilising flying theatre technology, visitors are strapped into seats which move around in front of the giant cinema screen, while special effects including water sprays, scents and wind heighten the sensations.

A queueline quote from Krrish

A queueline quote from Krrish

The film starts fairly serenely, but soon there are explosions, manic flying through Indian landscapes and over famous landmarks like the Taj Mahal, and aliens. Yes, aliens. Because, well, why not?!?

The ride is a full-on experience that is well worth repeating. It's state-of-the-art in terms of flying theatres, with the additional special effects subtly adding to the experience.

It's all brilliant, but my personal highlight is flying over the grasslands with horses running below as the smell of grass fills the room. That, and the sudden launch into space and alien battle which Krrish takes completely in his stride.

Krrish: Hero's Flight is incredible, fun, superb, and completely bonkers: it's the sparkling Bollywood experience you've been expecting!

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