Viaggio in Italia

Ferrari World

Fly over stunning scenery as you experience Italy's most famous cities and countryside from the air...

Theme ParkFerrari World
TypeFlying Theatre
AudienceAll Ages
OpenedMay 2012
ManufacturerDynamic Attractions
ModelFlying Theatre
Entrance to Viaggio in Italia

Entrance to Viaggio in Italia

Viaggio in Italia takes visitors to Abu Dhabi's Ferrari World on a flight over the best of the Italian scenery.

The ride is a flying theatre, where visitors are secured into seats which are hoisted fifteen metres into the air to face the middle of a giant domed screen, which ensures the movie envelops their vision. During the film the seats move as the riders watch the movie play out around them, with special effects including mist and smells adding to the experience.

Viaggio in Italia begins as riders take off on a flight from Fiorano Circuit in Maranello. Soon they are soaring through the Tuscan countryside, over the canals of Venice and past some of Italy's most famous landmarks.

The filming is beautiful, and the flying theatre technology adds so much to the experience. Aside from the rollercoasters, Viaggio in Italia is one of the top attractions at Ferrari World and adds a beautiful other dimension to a visit to the park.

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