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Motiongate, the largest of Dubai Parks and Resorts' theme parks, celebrates the world of Hollywood movies and features attractions based on films from Lionsgate, Columbia Pictures and Dreamworks.

Opened16 December 2016
SeasonYear round
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Entrance to Columbia Pictures

Entrance to the Columbia Pictures area

Motiongate opened in Dubai on 16th December 2016 as the largest of the cluster of three theme parks launched as part of Dubai Parks and Resorts. It's overall theme is Hollywood inspired, and features a number of areas representing Columbia Pictures, Dreamworks and Lionsgate, plus a children's area themed around The Smurfs (apparently very popular in the Middle East!).

Columbia Pictures is the largest outdoor area, and features Green Hornet: High Speed Chase, a Gerstlauer Bobsled coaster; the large Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs: River Expedition rapids ride; and Zombieland Blast Off, a 58 metre tall shot tower. There are also three indoor attractions in the area. Ghostbusters Battle for New York is a superb interactive dark ride. Hotel Transylvania uses trackless cars to give a tour around the monster hotel, with cars dancing around each other in the hotel's central ballroom scene. Underworld 4D is a typical 4D cinema experience, with an a-typical movie featuring extraordinary levels of violence and blood ... within a few seconds of the start one of the characters has been shot in the head. Probably best to leave the kids outside for that one.

Dreamworks Fountain

The Dreamworks area fountain centrepiece

With the exception of the Step Up Dubai, All In! theatre, Lionsgate is down as "Phase 2", and both its Hunger Games themed coaster and motion simulator were still under construction during my visit in March 2017.

Dreamworks is a gigantic indoor section, more like several distinct areas rather than a single one combined. The Kung Fu Panda area's star attraction is a brilliant 3D motion simulator ride named Unstoppable Awesomeness. Riders board a boat for a crazy journey down a roaring river with Kung Fu Panda and co, in a ride which shows off some of the best in 3D simulator technology around at the moment - it is definitely unstoppably awesome!

Studio Central at night

Studio Central, the park's main entrance street, at night

One of Dreamworks' two coasters, Madagascar Mad Pursuit, is an Infinity Coaster from Gerstlauer and was by far my favourite in the park. There are some great theming details and the ride is very very smooth. The How To Train Your Dragon section was still under construction when I visited, but when it opens it will feature a Mack Inverted Powered Coaster (the same ride system as used by Arthur at Europa Park).

The last section in the Dreamworks area is Shrek. Again, sadly the rides were unavailable during my visit, but the area itself looks fantastic.

Although there are still parts of Motiongate under construction and its full ride selection was not yet available when I visited, I had a wonderful time at the park. Everything is of extremely high quality, both in terms of the rides themselves and the attention to detail in the theming. Staff are all very friendly and well trained, and there is some tasty food on offer too. I can recommend Baby Brent's Luncheonette if you're very hungry - it offers freshly prepared pasta, pizza and salad - not a choice between them, you get all three in a single meal!


Madagascar: Mad Pursuit

Madagascar: Mad Pursuit

A madcap rollercoaster pursuit with the Zoosters from Madagascar

Zombieland Blast Off

Zombieland Blast Off

50 metre high shot and drop tower

The Green Hornet: High Speed Chase

The Green Hornet: High Speed Chase

Bobsled coaster from Gerstlauer, featuring high speed tight turns and drops

Hotel Transylvania

Hotel Transylvania

Tour around the world's only hotel for monsters on this trackless dark ride

Kung Fu Panda: Unstoppable Awesomeness

Kung Fu Panda: Unstoppable Awesomeness

Awesome river rapids 3D simulator ride experience

Shows and Entertainment

Step Up Dubai, All In!

Step Up Dubai, All In!

High energy hip hop dance show, based on the Step Up film series


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