Dragon Fyre

Canada's Wonderland

Feel the heat of the dragon's flame...

Theme ParkCanada's Wonderland
Park AreaMedieval Faire
ManufacturerArrow Development
ModelCustom Looping Coaster
Height78 ft
Length2160 ft
Max Speed50 mph
Dragon Fyre

Dragon Fyre

A large steel beast, Dragon Fyre was one of the original five rollercoasters at Canada's Wonderland and has been offering thrilling rides since its opening in 1981.

The ride is a Custom Looping Coaster design manufactured by Arrow Dynamics and turns riders upside down four times with its two vertical loops and double corkscrew inversions.

Sitting in the park's Medieval Faire section and with a (very) loose dragon theme, the track is painted green and yellow. The train is also green with a stylised dragon head painted on the front car.

Arrow originally supplied three trains for Dragon Fyre, but only two were ever used - probably due to the relatively short duration of the ride. The third train was unused until 1987 when it was moved across the park and used as the train for the then new Bat boomerang coaster.

For an aging Arrow Looping Coaster, Dragon Fyre is surprisingly good. It offers fun, exciting rides even if it is a little rough - though not intolerably so compared to some other installations.

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