Canada's Wonderland

Canada's first stand up rollercoaster...

Theme ParkCanada's Wonderland
OpenedMay 1985
Closed20:00 EDT on 1 September 2014
ModelStand Up
Height88 ft
Length2210 ft
Max Speed51 mph
Duration1½ minutes


SkyRider was Canada's Wonderland's stand up rollercoaster, which operated at the park between 1985 and 2014.

The ride was built by Japanese amusement ride manufacturer TOGO and was their second Stand Up coaster installation. It was the first stand up rollercoaster in Canada and only the second in the world to feature a loop.

Visitors rode in a standing position, with a rather complicated restraint system holding them in place. The layout consisted of a large vertical loop, airtime hill, long downward helix, second airtime hill, and a series of small bunny hops.

Thanks in large part to the mainly straight track and well banked turns, SkyRider wasn't nearly as unpleasant as many stand up coasters whose more ambitious layouts and inversions create a rough and uncomfortable ride experience.

After serving almost 23 million riders during its 29 years at Canada's Wonderland, SkyRider closed at 8pm on Labour Day, September 1st 2014. Its prime location near the middle of the park between Wonder Mountain and the water park was given over to the Yukon Striker B&M Dive Coaster, and SkyRider itself was sold to Cavallino Matto in Italy where it operates as Freestyle.

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