The Fly

Canada's Wonderland

Fly around International Festival...

Theme ParkCanada's Wonderland
Park AreaInternational Festival
AudienceOlder Families
Opened2 May 1999
ManufacturerMack Rides
ModelWild Maus Large Park
Height52 ft
Length1312 ft
Max Speed35 mph
Duration2 minutes
The Fly

The Fly

Buzzing around amongst the other rides at Canada's Wonderland, The Fly is the theme park's wild mouse rollercoaster.

The ride was manufactured by Mack Rides and is one of the Large Park versions of their Wilde Maus model coasters.

It offers a fairly typical wild mouse experience of steep drops and tight hairpin corners, causing riders to feel as though their four seater cars are about to tip off the side of the track.

The track is painted in a colourful yellow with blue supports. The trains are green with some minimal abstract detailing looking a little like wings, but that is the extent of the theming towards flying insects.

The Fly is a standard Mack wild mouse, and is an OK ride that is somewhat dwarfed and easy to overlook amongst Canada's Wonderland's other attractions. It suffers slightly from a rather low throughput, which can lead to long lines waiting to ride.

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