La Ronde

Fly alongside the Saint Lawrence River on La Ronde's tallest and fastest rollercoaster...

Theme ParkLa Ronde
Opened13 May 2006
ManufacturerBolliger & Mabillard
ModelHyper Coaster
Height175 ft
Length4039 ft
Max Speed68 mph
Duration2 minutes
Climbing Goliath's lift hill

Climbing Goliath's lift hill

Providing magnifient views over the Saint Lawrence River from its 175 foot high lift hill, Goliath is the largest rollercoaster at La Ronde and when it opened was the tallest and fastest rollercoaster in Canada.

The ride was designed by Bolliger & Mabillard and is an example of their Hyper Coaster model, even though technically at under 200 feet it can't officially be classed in the hypercoaster category.

Goliath's track is painted in a stand-out red and yellow colour scheme, which matches nicely with the mid blue supports and gives the whole ride a "Superman-esque" feel. It follows an out-and-back style layout and runs out of the main park boundary to reach the top of Saint Helen's Island (the island on which La Ronde sits in the middle of the Saint Lawrence River). Most of the layout consists of a series of camelback hills which, together with the clamshell restraint design, ensure riders get plenty of airtime.

B&M make great Hyper Coasters (even not-quite-tall-enough-to-be-official hyper coasters) and while some of their other designs feature more advanced track layouts, one of the main elements that their Hyper Coaster models do well is airtime hills. Goliath's hills are great, and the riverside setting overlooking Montreal just makes it even better. The ride is clearly one of the stars of the park.

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