La Ronde

Expo 67's famous observation tower...

Theme ParkLa Ronde
TypeObservation Tower
AudienceAll Ages
ManufacturerVon Roll Holding AG
Height 240 ft


Reaching high into the sky and visible from across Montréal, Spirale is La Ronde's famous observation tower.

Spirale is one of the original rides installed for Expo 67, the world's fair which operated on the site of what is now La Ronde. It was one of the only rides to be kept at the end of the exhibition, and has remained in place to this day.

It features a rotating cabin which slowly climbs to the top of the 24-storey tall tower, offering amazing views over the theme park, the city and down the St Lawrence River.

During Expo 67 the tower was painted white, although in more recent years it has had a makeover and is now a vibrant - and unmissable - bright orange. Orange happens to be the corporate colour of Canadian pizza chain Pizza Pizza, which led to a deal for them to sponsor the ride for a time.

Perhaps the only complaint with Spirale is the lack of care Six Flags gives to it, and especially its windows which are incredibly dirty and smeared. The principal job of an observation ride must be to allow riders to look out and observe: filthy windows don't make that very easy. Come on La Ronde ... buy a few bottles of Windex!

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