Super Manège

La Ronde

So super they named it super ride, the double corkscrew rollercoaster at La Ronde...

Theme ParkLa Ronde
Closed25 August 2019
ModelMK-1200 Corkscrew with Bayerncurve
Height75 ft
Length2400 ft
Max Speed40 mph
DesignerArrow Dynamics
Duration1¾ minutes
Corkscrew inversion

Corkscrew inversion

Super Manège was a double corkscrew inversion rollercoaster at La Ronde, which was built in 1981 and retired in 2019.

The rollercoaster was built by Vekoma using the "Corkscrew with Bayerncurve" variation of their popular MK-1200 model.

While the two corkscrew inversions, taken one directly after the other, were the main attraction of the ride, it also featured some airtime hills and a 540° helix (the "bayerncurve").

Super Manège was La Ronde's first rollercoaster to go upside-down, and paved the way for other inverting coasters such as Boomerang and Vampire at the park.

For much of its life it was pretty smooth as Vekoma corkscrews go, but as the ride entered old age it became very rough. This made it uncomfortable to ride, especially with the chunky old fashioned overhead restraint design and the headbanging corkscrew inversions. The decision was made to remove it in 2019, and it officially closed on 25 August.

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