Busch Gardens Williamsburg

Soar over France with the lion-headed, eagle-winged mythical creature...

Theme ParkBusch Gardens Williamsburg
Park AreaAquitaine (France)
Opened18 May 2007
ManufacturerBolliger & Mabillard
ModelDive Coaster
Height205 ft
Length3108 ft
Max Speed71 mph
Duration2¼ minutes
Hanging over the edge of the first drop

Hanging over the edge of the first drop

The mystical Griffon takes riders on a flight soaring through the skies over its French village setting, and plunging straight down towards the ground.

The B&M Dive Coaster is one of the best examples of its type in the world, and was the first to feature floorless trains allowing riders' legs to dangle freely throughout the ride. It incorporates not one but two vertical drops, together with two immelmann loops and a sensational splashdown effect.

Upon opening in 2007, Griffon was the tallest and fastest Dive Coaster in the world. It held these records until Valravn opened at Cedar Point in 2016.

The ride is themed after a mythological creature that is half lion and half eagle, which might make you expect Busch Gardens to have opted to install a B&M Flying Coaster rather than a Dive Coaster, but Griffon perfectly fits the rollercoaster model. While feeling very much like a dive coaster, it also feels graceful like a flight on the back of a winged beast. The way it soars through the inversions before skimming the surface of the water during the splashdown is impeccable.

There's no feeling quite like hanging over the edge of a near vertical drop on a Dive Coaster, and Griffon provides this experience twice together with some awesome positive Gs, intense and powerful transitions coupled with some incredible airtime moments. Dive coasters are superb, and Griffon is one of the absolute best.

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