Take a flight over a lake and soar into the Carolina skies...

Theme ParkCarowinds
Park AreaCelebration Plaza
Opened20 March 2004 (as "BORG Assimilator")
2008 ("Nighthawk" retheme)
ModelFlying Dutchman
Height115 ft
Length2766 ft
Max Speed51 mph
Duration1¾ minutes
Nighthawk flying over the lake

Nighthawk flying over the lake

Unlike a traditional sit down rollercoaster, Carowinds' Nighthawk places riders in a flying position for a flight over the theme park.

The ride comes from Dutch manufacturer Vekoma, and is one of the few of their Flying Dutchman model to have ever been built (and one of the last remaining).

It was originally located at California's Great America where it was known as Stealth, before moving to Carowinds in 2004 where it became BORG Assimilator, the first Star Trek themed rollercoaster in the world. After Cedar Fair purchased the parks in 2007, the Star Trek theming was removed and the ride was renamed Nighthawk.

Unfortunately, similar to other Vekoma Flying Dutchman coasters, Nighthawk does not provide a great ride experience. The "flying position" is not very comfortable, and the ride is pretty rough.

However, it is the most enjoyable of all Flying Dutchman, probably due to its slightly shorter track length. While it may not be particularly wonderful to ride, Nighthawk is at least picturesque,with much of the track sitting out over a lake.

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