Iron Dragon

Cedar Point

Swing out across Cedar Point's lagoon on an Iron Dragon

Theme ParkCedar Point
Park AreaMillennium Midway
AudienceOlder Families and Thrillseekeers
Opened11 June 1987
ManufacturerArrow Dynamics
ModelSuspended Coaster
Height76 ft
Length2800 ft
Max Speed40 mph
Cost$4 million
Duration2½ minutes
Swinging out

Swinging out

I'm a massive fan of Arrow Suspended coasters and have a real soft spot for them - probably since one of the first "real" big rollercoasters I rode was the original Vampire at Chessington World of Adventures in the UK.

Cedar Point's version is Iron Dragon, a 2800 foot long rollercoaster that has been at the park since 1987. Instead of sitting on top of the track, Iron Dragon's cars are suspended underneath and swing out as the ride navigates its swooping curves and hills.

Iron Dragon sits mostly out in a lagoon near the centre of the park which creates a stunning landscape and some scenic moments, especially when trains fly through the mist which sometimes hugs the water.

The ride is firmly in the family friendly category of coasters, yet is still heaps of fun. While not as intense as some of Cedar Point's other monster rollercoasters, it remains a classic ride.

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