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Fly over Cedar Point like a bird of prey...

Theme ParkCedar Point
Park AreaMain Midway
Opened7 May 1994
ManufacturerBolliger & Mabillard
ModelInverted Coaster
Height137 ft
Length3790 ft
Max Speed57 mph
Duration2¼ minutes


Raptor is a B&M Inverted coaster, and was opened at Cedar Point in May 1994.

With a much longer track length than many inverted coasters, it was for a time the tallest, fastest and longest inverted rollercoaster in the world.

The ride starts with the familiar B&M lift hill and curving first drop into a vertical loop. From there, it features a further five inversions including two low level corkscrews that come just before a neat 540 degree finale helix.

The long track length gives Raptor plenty of space to breathe, meaning it doesn't feel as compact as some other B&M Inverters. That isn't too say it looses any intensity, but the moments of positive G are more comfortably spread out.

Although many more of the ride model have been built since Raptor premiered, it has lost none of its appeal and still ranks highly amongst the best of its breed.

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