Cedar Point

Swing high over Frontiertown on the world's tallest swing ride...

Theme ParkCedar Point
Park AreaFrontierTown
TypeGiant Swing
Opened6 May 2006
ModelScreamin' Swing
Height 103 ft
Skyhawk swinging high

Skyhawk swinging high

S&S Screamin' Swings are fantastic as the amusement ride industry's take on an oversized child's swing, and Cedar Point's Skyhawk opened in 2006 as the most giant of them all.

Skyhawk towers 103 feet over the park's Frontiertown area, and consists of two giant swinging arms which seat a total of twenty riders sitting back to back. Compressed air is used to power the arms high up into the air, swinging 125 feet above the ground at the highest point.

Although its scale makes Skyhawk most definitely a thrill ride, there is also something relaxing about the feeling of being swung into the air. Perhaps the extra height compared to other S&S Screamin' Swings isn't strictly needed, but it still makes for a wonderful but thrilling break and a different ride experience from Cedar Point's rollercoaster collection.

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